NFL Player Portraits
From time to time Lon was commissioned to paint portraits of popular sports figures.  Here are 5 of NFL players initially appearing in issues of their "PRO" magazine, then incorporated in a book along with the work of other artists.

Tom Fears #80 - 400 catches, 5,397 yds, 38 TD's & Elroy (Crazylegs) Hirsch - 387 catches, 7,029 yds, 60 TD's - virtuosos in the art of pass catching

Hugh McElhenny, Halfback - known as "The King" for some of his remarkable touchdown runs -- the name stuck for thirteen pro seasons and 11,375 yards.

Keith Lincoln, Running Back - his total of 349 yards running in the 1963 AFL championship game was a record at the time

Ollie Matson, Running Back - an Olympic Bronze medalist for the 400 meter dash, rushed 3,331 yards for the Cardinals and set NFL records for punt and kickoff returns.

Otto Graham, Quarterback -- led the Browns to ten Championship games in ten years, winning seven. See

From an article about the University of San Francisco team of 1951 which included teammates Ollie Matson and Gino Marchetti