NY Mets Logo


George Weiss, who was the GM of the Yankees when they commissioned Lon to develop the Yankee emblem in 1946, went on to become the first  president of the Mets.   Mr. Weiss initiated a widely publicized public contest for design ideas for the Mets logo.  He picked the entry submitted by  cartoonist Ray Gatto: a skyline within a baseball and the cursive "Mets".  Weiss took Mr. Gotto's concept to Lon, asking him to incorporate some ideas of his own, including the bridge to illustrate a connection among the five boroughs, specific buildings to represent each of the boroughs , and the colors used by the baseball Giants (orange) and Dodgers (blue) who had departed New York leaving an opportunity for the new team.  The result is the logo below, in use unchanged today by the Mets.

NY Mets Logo -- Team Symbol